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Dangerous Sports

Why do you think some people are attacted to do dangerous sports or other dangerous activeties? Use specific reason and examples to support your answer.

At present, an increasing number of people are attracted to do dangerous sports or similar activities. The reason for this may be that these people find a certain thrill or excitement in doing such activties. they can experience a sense of achievement in doing things most ordinary people dare not do.

Daredevils who constantly seek great thrill basically want to stand apart from the rest.They are ready to do dangerous things, consciously or unconsciously ,trying to prove their differences,boldness and individually. People involved in dangerous sports like wrestling,bungee jumping and other life-threatening activities would go to any length to prove  their might and demonstrate their difference.

Some people are simply motivated by the sense of fun and excitement the will color their dull and boring lives.Sports like sky and bungee jumpling have become popular amony those who go through daily routines of monotonous office work. Dangerous are they are,these sports take those people away from their unbearable boredom for a while and surely as fun and enthusiasm to their life.

Performing risky stunts gives the partcipants a sense of achievement that helps them surmount their most terrible fear.It is human nature to feel extremely confident after overcoming the greatest fears in life,after coming so close to death,yet escaping it! Many have tired unimaginably dangerous stunts just to gain fame for setting new world records or just to win prizes!

Taking above mention into consideration,dangerous sports and activities basically attract those thrill-loving people who want to stand a class apart by proving their individuality to the world around them, or those depressed by repetitive lifestyles, or those who enjoy the sense of achievement drawn from surmounting fear in face of danger.


Advertising can tell you a lot about a country

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Advertising can tell you a lot about a country. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. 

In order to determin whether advertising can provide a lot of information about a country, it is necessary to put advertising into two separate categories: public-interest advertisements and commercial ones. Careful inspection of both types,I belive, will reveal a panoramic view of a country.The pubilc-interest advertisements usually reveal the inner part of a nation,while the commerical advertisements provie less profound but still important knowledge.

In the first place,public-interest adverstisement that are sponsored by the govement often reflect a nation's thoughts. For example ,in 2003 ,when SARS appeared in China, SARS-prevention advertisements were produced and broadcat all over the country via television,radio, and even the internet.By watching them,you can see the nation's strong will and determination to win the battle against this disease.【Where is a will, there is a way.】In 2008, alson in China, the themes of most public-interest advertisements have shifted to the Olympic. By watching them,you can realize the nation's priorities this year without any diffclulty.

Secondly, the larger portion of advertisements,commercial ones can provide the audience a more vivid and exact picture of what's happening  in the  country. On the one hand, it can inform us of the current new products. Once the new products are released the fastest way to make them known and accepted by the public is to advertise them. For instance,you can find things from updated Sony laptops to Prosche's newest sports-car,from Rejoce;s recent shampoo to Nike's new season of runing shoes on television and newspapers. On the other hand,it can also provide you information on what celebrities are popular in present days, for the simple reason that companies tend to invite popular celebrites to do their promotions.Therefore ,just by glancing at some advertisements, you can easily figure out who is enjoying the adoration of,and even serving as a role-model for a society. In China celebrities such as HongKong movie star Jacky Chen, American basketball player Kobe Bryant, and Korean actress Song  Hye Kyo grace commercial advertisements.

In summary , both public-interest advertisement and commercial advertising contain abundant information about a country. Whill you may need to read between the lines to appricate the wealth of knoledge, there is definitely information there to glean.

China beijing 2022 winter olympic games


Some people prefer to eat at food stands or restaurants .Other people prefer to prepare and eat food at home. Which do you prefer? Use specific and examples to support your answer. 

After a hard day of work or study, many people feel like cooking for themselves is too much trouble. They prefer to grab a quick bite to eat at a restaurant and go home for rest as quickly as possible.But for me cooking at home is worth the time and trouble it is cheaper, healthier,and more enjoyable. 

Buying my own groceries and cooking for myself is much less expensive than eating in a restaurant. I find that a meal that I cook myself on average costs half to two-thirds less than a comparable meal in a restaurant. Restaurants have to rent space, hire chefs, waiters, and managers, as well as buy food and make a profit. When I cook I have no overhead. The only extra expense I have to pay is the time it takes for me to cook the food.

In addition to being less expensive, when I buy my own groceries I can be sure that I am buying the freshest and cleanest meats and vegetables available. Restaurants might think it's more important to buy the cheapest food possible in large qunantities to make a higher profit. I also try and buy the healthiest food possible .For instance,when I buy meat, I try and buy the meat with the least fat on it. In a restaurant they and more fat and oil to dishes to make them taste better, but for me ,health is more important.

Finally,cooking food with my friends and family brings me a special kind of joy. In a world that has inceasingly focused on turning everyone into consumers,I enjoy being creative and producing something good. I enjoy leaning and inventing new recipes and sharing them with friends. Even though it takes more times to shop,cook and clean up when I cook for myslef, at the end I have  a sense that I did not waste the time so much as I truly enjoyed  life for an hour  at the end of the day.

In summary, I prefer to prepare and eat food at home. There are three pramary reasons. Firstly, it is much less expensive. Secondly, I can be sure I am buying the freshest and cleanest meats and vegetables. Thirdly, cooking food with my friends and famliy is really enjoyble.

China famliy food


Some Famous athletes and entertainers earn millions of dollars every year. Do you think they deserve that high salary?

Famous athletes and entertainers earn a great deal of money and I think they deserve it. They rise to fame with diligence and perseverance,they enrich our daily lives with excellent performances , and in return they are deprived of their right to privacy.

As the saying goes,"there is no free lunch". Few people achieve fame without the fortitude and endurance to follow their dreams. Michael Jordan spent years playing basketball,all throughout high school and college he practiced often and had to take care of his body. It paid off, and he is now world famous. He is not alone either.Most famous people have spent a lot of time and energy working hard and encountering many failures. Thus, they deserve those impressive returns.

Secondly, athletes and entertainers enrich our daily lives with their excellent performances. In our life, apart from eating and working, we need time to relax. Their performances not only facilitate the development of our interests but also provide us with a unique way to relax as well. After several day's work, we can go to a concert where music will reduce our stress and encourage us to learn to play a musical instrument. In this sense, our life becomes colorful and for this they deserve to be paid.

Finally, Famous people are also sometimes deprived of their right to privacy. We seem to like knowing other people's affairs , especially when those people are celebrities. Sometimes they have to disguise themselves with hats and sunglasses if they want to go out with their friends in public, because they are often followed and photographed. Their private photos are often uploaded to the Internet, and though our curiosity gets satisfied,those famous people sometimes have to suffer very serious mental trauma. Millons of dollars is a good way to compensate people for their loss of privacy.

Famous people work diligently and persistently to achieve fame and enrich our lives,and then they suffer the loss of their privacy as a result.Without them,our lives would be much more dull and unimspried .Therefore ,I believe that they deserve high salaries.





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