TOEFL Writing Studying 1

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1.  30分钟,350-450词的文章:

(1). 文章一般由三个部分组成:开头、主体、结尾

(2). 每一个论点都有论据,每一个论据都有例子,每一个例子都有一个细节。

External appearances always lead to mistakes about a person's true character or abilities. A plain-looking person can make great achievements.Take Napoleon Bonaparte,one of the greatest military leaders and statemen in France,for example.It is well known that Napoleon was very short. He was often laughed at by people around him for his small stature.However,after many years' struggle,he finally became the Emperor of the French Empire and conqurered larger parts of the Europe.Napoloen is not a rare case.Actually innumerable famous historical figures were not good looking.Therefore we surely should not judge them by external appearance.

2. 段落连接词:

首先:first and foremost, to begin/start with, in the first place, for one thing,

其次: furthermore, moreover, in addition , what is more

最后: ultimately , in the end ,at last

3. 语言的选用考究,深厚,成熟,有深度

形容词:  big   -- mighty , enormous , tremendous , massive  

(1)Health services in Intaly are facing enormous challenge after earthquake.

(2)China's opening to the world has facilitated massive economic transformations.

  important   --  vital , essential , critical, significant, play a (an) vital (critical ,essential,significant ) role in……

(1)Devotion of common people plays a (an) vital (critical ,essential,significant ) role in the development of society.

连词:but , However ,and

单词  though, although ,despite, whereas,conversely,nevertheless

词组  in spite of , in contrast ,on the contrary ,regardless of

(1) Although alcohol benefits our enconomy greatly, drinking heavily deos tremendous harm to our health.

(2)Despite the great economics benefits of alcohol, drinking heavily does tremendous harm to our health.

(3)In spite of  the great economics benefits of alcohol , drinking heavily does tremendous harm to our health.

and    ---     as well as , together with, along with……

(1)A country operates by making use of power as well as money.

(2)Obama, and Michelle achieved the ultimate victory.

         Obama, together with drinking heavily does tremendous harm to our health.

         Obama, along  with drinking heavily does tremendous harm to our health.



As I see it ,From my point of view , when it comes to me , As far as I am concerned

(1)As I see it, exploring the outer space is a waste of human resources.


(1)Internet not only complicate our life but also quicken life pace.

(2)Many Chinese think that the number "8" will bring them great fortune.

4. 尽量避免语法错误

提高生活水平: Upgrade/advance the living standard

提高交流水平: Improve one's convensational ability

提高文化水平: Raise the cultural level

Subject: 经济与效率

经济发展: Econimic development ,就业:Job/employment opportunities,税收 tax revenue,投资 investment

(1).  It can create more job/employment opportunities.

(2). A lot of investment can be attracted in this area.

(3). It will be an important source of tax revenue for the local goverment.

(4). It will help promote/stimulate the area's economic development.

Subject: 成就与财富

成就感:sense of achivement , 荣誉感 sense of honor ,雄心 ambition, 动力motivation, 财富 wealth , 压力 pressure /stress

丰富的工作经验: rich work experience,  更多的晋升机会 more chances for promotion, 优越的福利条件 generous benefit packages  ,灵活性 flexibility , 高工资 high salary , 稳定的收入 stable incomes

(1). When it comes to job satifcation and sense of achivement, a large company simply cannot complete with a small company.

(2). Another important factor is that smaller companies also provide their employees great flexibility, unlike lage companies.

Subject: 环境保护与社会发展

保持生态平衡:maintain the balance of ecosystem , 实现可持续发展  achieve sustainable development , 人类的生存 humankinds' existense, 人类社会的发展  the development of human society .

Subject: 生活与健康

(1). 从“生活态度“角度, 显示自己与众不同:stand apart from the rest

Daredevils who constantly seek great excitment basically want to stand apart from the rest.

(2). 从“生活内容“角度, 使生活更丰富多彩:color one's dull and boring life.

Some people are simply motivated by the sense of fun and excitement that will color their dull and boring life.

(3). 从“身心健康“角度,缓解人们的压力: relieve one's pressure.

It can relieve people's pressure.

Subject: 品格与能力

persistent ,optimistic, independent, tolerant , aggressive, brave ……

Brave :

Christopher Columbus    ,   Neil Armstrong

Subject: 国家与文化

国家发展 national development ,文化传播 cultural transimission , 社会和谐 social  harmony ……

Sport is a global language. It can bridge social, cultural and religiousw divides.




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