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前进类 : 用于论证好的方面  

1. 从……获得益处  : benefit from /profit from

* People who want to know the past can benefit form /profit from reading books.

* People who want to search more information can benefit from/ profit from the amazing development of the internet.

2. …促进……的发展: …promote / boost the development of …

* North Korea's opening to the world has promote /boost the development of its economy.

* The 2008 Olympic Games promote / boost the development of Chinese travel industry.

3. …对……很重要 : A act / play a vital (critical ,significant ) role in……

* Devotion of common people  play a vital (critical ,significant ) role in the development of society.

4.  丰富……的生活: enrich one's experience…

* Taking part time jobs in spare time can enrich one's experience.

5. 省时间 省钱 : …is less time-consuming and more economical

* Eating meals in the fast food restaurant ( snack bar ) is less time-consuming and more economical.

6.  开阔眼界: broaden one's horizons

* Not only can traveling broaden one's horizons ,it can relax one's body and soul as well.

7. 发挥人的潜力 : fulfill one's potential

* Working for a multinational corporation can fulfill one's potential.

倒退类: 用于论证坏的方面

1.  导致犯罪: lead to crimes

*  The ignorance of law always leads to crimes.

*  The widespread violence and pornography(色情) on media lead to youths' crimes.

2. 对…… 沉迷/上瘾 : be addicted to…  / be preoccupied with……

* In present-day society, a great many people are preoccupied to various forms of gambling.

3. 以…为代价 : at the expense of …

* We should not develop economy at the expense of the environment.

* A great many people are willing to achieve success at the expense of their health.

4. 遭受 :suffer from… / be afflicted with…

*  In present-day society, plenty of countries are afflicated with poverty.

*  In present-day society, plenty of countries are suffer form poverty.


I 不同词性词汇之间替换。

1. 名词替换形容词

It is very necessary to establish a limit for each person's freedom.

To establish a limit for each person's freedom is of great necessity.

Shopping will be very beneficial to your health. 

Shopping will be of utmost benefit to your health.

The Korean government thinks it is very important to protect and develop the culture industry. (important 同义词 essenstial ,crucial ,significant )

The Korean government thinks that protecting and developing the culture industry is of great importance

2. 名词换动词

The goverment should protect the enviroment.

Government participation is needed to ensure enviroment protection. (enviroment distraction, enviroment pollution)

Constructing a new shopping center is kind of development for our community.

Construcation of a new shopping center is kind of development for our community.

We can prepare for all the expectable problems.

Preparations for all the expectable problems can be completed beforehand.

Treating sleepwalking requires doctors to know a lot about psychology.

Treating sleepwalking requires a good knowledge of psychology.

Exploring outer space requires a good knowledge of astronomy.

One day everyone will talk about the news that I am accepted by Harvard University.

One day my acceptance by Harvard University will be on everynone's lips.

Vegetarianism is becoming accepted and welcome by more and more western people.

Vegetarianism has found its growing popularity and acceptance among western people.

II 词汇具体化

人-- person/ people

professor ,babysitter, architect, fashion designer 

城市 - city

-- Seattle, Los Angeles ,Paris, Hong Kong 

学校-- school

university , college , University of Washington

钱 --Money

cash ,fund ,tip ,salary, tuition , allowance

地方 --palace

Shopping mall, China Town , art district , national park 

说话 --say

comment ,complain ,claim 

e.g.   A person I asked in a school said that if you live in a big city, life can be verys interesting, because there are many places to go.

A professor I interviewed in University of Washington commented that if you live in a metropolis like Seattle, life can be very interesting, because there are shopping malls,Chia Towns,art districts and notional parks where you can have fun.

使得 / 让  make

The opening ceremony for the Olympics will make me feel happy.

The opening ceremony for the Olympics will fill me with happiness.

fill……with excitentment / surprise /astonishment 

使……出名       made  / established sb. famous

Pablo Picasso's 20,000 works made him famous as a master of modern art.

Pablo Picasso's 20,000 works established him famous as a master of modern art.

"The old man and the sea" established Ernest Hemingway as a master of modern American literature.

让 make 

Piano music can make listeners imagine freely.

Piano music allow more freedom for listeners' imagination.

History places can remind us of the abundant culture that was handed to us by our forefathers.

USA University of Texas

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